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Is Cameron insane or very badly advised?


Today we attempt to answer the question probably burning on many minds at the moment.

We appreciate Cameron is a bit short on advisors at the moment since two of them have been arrested.

As you probably know, Cameron wants to make encryption illegal – in other words he wants to outlaw the use of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) on all our Internet connections so GCHQ can check we’re not a terrorist.

There is a major problem with dropping SSL.  Every time you make a payment over the Internet SSL is what protects your account details from getting into the wrong hands.  Without SSL we wouldn’t be able to safely pay our bills online or make any purchases because the details would easily get into the hands of theives.

This blog on the subject pretty much sums things up.

Insane or badly advised?

Insane or badly advised?



  1. lukelincoln says:

    Clearly Dave doesn’t understand that encryption is utterly essential to what he perceives as the internet – no more ordering your Ocado food delivery for you Mr Moron your wife or harem of sex slaves will have to do it for you. Banning SSL would basically cease any internet trading and purchases to, from, or within the UK full stop – no secure banking -no trading with other countries … game over. People need and deserve privacy for certain things and yes at the expense of not combing some lame unsubstantiated excuse for creating yet another war out of someone’s facebook messages. Any spy, or terrorist or anyone planning diabolical schemes of disaster isn’t going to send a friendly email with instructions to the recipient this is just another pathetic reason to take away our liberties and personal privacy, other than than its downright lunacy of the highest order. This man is running our country, I think he’d find it a challenge to switch on a kettle.


  2. Roger says:

    Roll on the election, then he will be gone.


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