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Stop Lansley becoming UN Humanitarian Chief especially while UN are investigating Tories for abuse of sick & disabled people


Right now, David Cameron is lobbying hard to ensure his mate Andrew Lansley becomes the next UN Humanitarian Chief at the expense of others far more qualified.

Syria, Ebola, South Sudan… the world’s humanitarian system is facing one of the biggest crises it has ever known. This to-do list requires an experienced, qualified leader. Yet, Cameron wants Lansley — he of the devastating NHS reforms fame and with zero humanitarian experience — to be the man.

We only have days to stop this crazy appointment — if enough of us come together we can unleash a media storm here in the UK and in UN circles that will put Cameron on the spot and urge Ban Ki-moon to reject Lansley and hire the best person for the job. Click below to sign and then share with everyone:

The challenges facing the UN are enormous but when western Prime Ministers push unqualified cronies into jobs, it becomes so much harder. UN insiders are said to be very unhappy and angry that David Cameron wants to put someone who is totally unqualified into one of the most important roles in the world.

Too often, knighthoods and jobs in the EU are given to cronies and donors of whatever party is in power.  It’s not just a failure of the Conservative party, other parties do it and the House of Lords is a prime example of the corruption inside British politics. But reports that Cameron is lobbying other EU leaders to push Lansley together with two other Conservative MPs for such an important global role could be the most egregious yet.

The world needs the most qualified person on the planet to help people in the greatest need, not an ideologue who has never been to a refugee camp. Let’s come together and say this is one job that isn’t for one of Cameron’s old boys network and for the UN to hire the best person, not someone who happens to have a British passport.

Together we have the power to demand a meritocracy within the UN and to make sure the world has the leaders it so badly needs. For years Avaaz community members have been fighting against corruption across the world. Let’s join together once more and demand that the world’s most challenging role is filled by those who are qualified.

To make matters worse the Tories are already under investigation by the UN for mistreating sick & disabled people.  It beggars belief that they would even consider a man like this for the role.

Stop this crazy appointment

Stop this crazy appointment

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