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Tories try to take over NHS ward & fail


Tories try to take over NHS ward & fail (video)

Yes the Tories & Cleggy were trying to film a propaganda video when they were interrupted by senior orthopaedic surgeon David Nunn.

Tories try to take over NHS ward & fail

Tories try to take over NHS ward & fail

Mr Nunn complained about some of the Prime Minister’s aides and journalists covering the visit not having their sleeves rolled up – a hospital hygiene stipulation – before being ushered outside.

Mr Nunn later went on ‘gardening leave’ at his request to look after his poorly mother.

However one of Mr Nunn’s patients claimed he was told the surgeon had been ‘suspended’ for his intervention, which was filmed by a BBC camera crew.

Peter Hodgson, 63, from Clapham, South London, was seen by Mr Nunn on the morning of the Prime Minister’s visit on June 14.

He returned for a follow-up appointment this week, and said: ‘The registrar said Mr Nunn was on gardening leave and had been reprimanded for what he did last week.’

It is understood that journalists in the group had checked with the ward sister whether they needed to wash their hands and roll up their sleeves, but were told it was not necessary as they were not coming into close contact with patients.

Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg had observed the drill because they were in contact with patients.

This writer shares the belief that our hospitals are no place to film political propaganda videos with MPs greeting patients. This story happened in 2011 and should they wish to repeat the same routine today I suspect their welcome to be a frosty one.

Take a look at the 100 ways in which the Tories failed the NHS and share it. Click here to download. It may just save your life by making sure you vote for a party which doesn’t make the same mistakes.


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