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What matters to you?


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Our A&E departments are in crisis. It looks like we’re now feeling the impact of the NHS shake up that no-one voted for. [1] And the politicians who did it are blaming anyone but themselves. [2]

The A&E crisis is just one example of how MPs’ decisions affect the lives of all of us. We only get to vote for our MPs and our government once every five years. This year, in May, we get that chance.

So what should 38 Degrees members push for at this election? What do you want to change about the UK, or about UK politics? What’s important to you right now?

Politicians and their spin doctors think they set the election agenda. But 38 Degrees is independent and people powered – if enough of us work together, we can turn politics-as-usual on its head.

Together we could make sure the things we care about, like protecting our NHS or cracking down on tax dodgers, are front and centre in the race for votes.

During the last election in 2010, 38 Degrees members voted together to decide the plan. [3] The key priority then was exposing candidates with links to the corporate lobbying industry.

With hope and determination,
David, Nat, Blanche and the 38 Degrees team

PS: The decision about what 38 Degrees does during the election is a big one. As well as this survey there’ll be chances for 38 Degrees members to meet up and discuss these plans. You’ll get more details about those events in the next few days – so please vote.

PPS: After the attacks in Paris recently, we weren’t sure if today was the right day to send this message. In the end we decided that it would be the wrong response to delay a conversation about democracy. We hope you feel the same.

[1] Mirror: Our NHS is dying as hospitals go into meltdown with worst waiting times in a decade:
Guardian: Cameron defends NHS as A&E units record worst-ever performance:
Huffington Post: What Is Really Causing the A&E Crisis?
[2] The government isn’t talking about the real reasons for the crisis – it’s blaming people for going to A&E when they don’t need to, and pointing the finger at our ageing population. But this isn’t the whole story. Cuts to social care mean older and disabled people can’t leave hospital because they can’t get care at home. And replacing NHS Direct with a privatised 111 service run by unqualified staff has landed many in A&E who don’t need to be there. Guardian: ‘Bedblockers’: the fit-to-leave patients deepening hospital crisis:
BBC News: Six reasons A&Es are stuggling:
[3] 38 Degrees: What could 38 Degrees do in the general election:
38 Degrees: The election (survey) results:


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