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Welfare Reform Deaths – Your view

Welfare Reform Deaths

Welfare Reform Deaths

Nick Barker – RIP
Former sheep farmer, Nick had a brain haemorrhage which left him struggling to walk. The father of two shot himself after the DWP claimed he was fit to work. Recording a suicide verdict, coroner Michael Oakley said the benefits assessment was key to the tragedy.

Nick’s photo:

Robert Barlow – RIP
Robert worked as a Government scientist but gave it up when diagnosed with severe cardiomypathy. The DWP deemed him fit to work. He died penniless under 2 years later.

Robert’s photo:

Cecilia Burns – RIP
Cecilia had cancer. Atos called her in for one of their assessments. The DWP declared her fit to work, but she appealed the decision. She died shortly after winning her appeal.

Cecilia’s photo:

Chris Cann – RIP
After losing both legs & a finger to diabetes, Chris was housebound. Despite this, the DWP insisted he travelled outside and go in for one of their fit to work assessments or they would cut off his benefit. The letter shook Chris up badly. Despite the DWP changing their minds about him going in, he died of a suspected heart attack soon after.

Chris’ photo:

Leanne Chambers – RIP
Leanne had a degree in business studies from Teeside University, but she battled depression for a number of years. She had taken a turn for the worse after receiving a letter telling her to go to Atos for one of their ‘fit to work’ assessments. Leanne walked out of her home some time after midnight. Her body was later found in the River Wear.

Leanne’s photo:

David Clapson – RIP
Former soldier David Clapson died aged 59 at his home in Hillside from fatal diabetic keto-acidosis, which the NHS calls “a dangerous complication of diabetes caused by a lack of insulin.” He died on July 20th 2013 because he couldn’t keep his insulin cool due to being sanctioned by the DWP. Claire McGuckin of the DWP said “I am confident that the correct procedures were followed for the administration of benefit.” thus pointing the blame firmly in the direction of minister Iain Duncan Smith.

David’s photo:

David Groves – RIP
David stopped work after 40 years on doctors orders after astring of strokes & a heart attack. Atos called him in for a fit to work assessment but he died the night before. His widow says he was in a terrible state and it was the stress that killed him.

David’s photo:

Stephen Hill – RIP
Stephen suffered heart problems & was waiting for major heart surgery. Atos found him fit for work after a ten minute check. He died of a heart attack.

Stephen’s photo:

Edward Jacques – RIP
Edward fatally overdosed because he was not given a proper assessment by the DWP, an inquest heard.

Edward’s photo:

Brian McArdle – RIP
Brian was paralysed down one side, paralysed in one eye, he couldn’t speak. He died the day after being found fit to work by Atos.

Brian’s photo:

Mark Mullins – RIP & Helen Mullins – RIP
Mark and Helen died in an apparent suicide pact. Former soldier Mark, 48, and Helen, 59, who had learning difficulties, ‘slipped through the net’ and were found side-by-side in their home after not having access to the correct benefits.

Mark’s & Helen’s photo:

Tim Salter – RIP
Tim, aged 53, was partially sighted & suffered from mental health problems. Tim was found hanged at his home just days before he was due to be evicted over rent arrears. At an inquest, coroner Andrew Haigh concluded: “A major factor in his death was that his state benefits had been greatly reduced leaving him almost destitute and with threatened repossession of his home.”

Tim’s photo:

Mark Scott – RIP
Mark, 46, was passed as fit to work by the DWP despite a medical record of severe anxiety, epilepsy, panic attacks & alcoholism. He died shortly afterwards from pneumonia. But his father’s troubles didn’t end there. To add insult to death, his father who is called Clifford Scott received a letter from the DWP containing major errors and obviously wasn’t checked. The letter stated: “We are sorry to hear about the death of Clifford Scott. We will make a payment of £186.87 into your chosen account for the death of Clifford Scott”!

Mark’s photo:

Karen Sherlock – RIP
Karen had failing vision & required a kidney transplant yet she was declared ‘fit to work’. She later died.

Karen’s photo:

Elenore Tatton – RIP
Elenore was diagnosed with a brain tumour at 15 years old. She also had epilepsy. The DWP said she was fit to work after one of their assessments. Two weeks later, she was dead.

Elenore’s photo:

Colin Traynor – RIP
Colin was a lifelong epileptic. Atos found him fit to work. He appealed, but later became depressed and lost weight. He won his appeal but didn’t live to see it as he died the day before.

Colin’s photo:

Mark Wood – RIP
Mark had obsessive compulsive disorder, Aspergers syndrome, cognitive behavioural problems, phobias of food & social situations. Atos & DWP ruled him fit for work. Mark then starved to death. DWP claim they obtain evidence from claimants’ GPs. Mark’s GP revealed the DWP did NOT contact him and if they did he would have told them Mark wasn’t fit for work.

Mark’s photo:

Linda Wootton – RIP
Linda was dying in a hospital bed when the DWP removed her benefits. She died nine days after being found ‘fit to work’.

Linda’s photo:

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