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Cameron to cut funds for Scots – still ‘Better together’ ehh

Cameron to cut funds for Scots - still 'Better together'?

Cameron to cut funds for Scots – still ‘Better together’?

Downing Street risked Scottish anger last night by reassuring Tory MPs that public funds given to Scotland would decrease over time.

The three party leaders vowed to retain the Barnett formula as part of efforts to persuade Scottish voters to remain in the Union. However, since last week’s vote, Tory MPs have voiced anger at the funding model, which grants £1,600 a head more in public money to Scotland than England.


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  1. Chris says:

    Voting Scottish Natonal Party gives a natural ally to Labour in UK’s Westminster parliament.

    And shuts out the Tories, who at the moment are neck and neck with Labour and this could happen as it did in a past election.

    And old Daily Mirror headline stated – ‘Labour surge but Tories still in command’.

    The Scots with Devo Max and an SNP government offers far more help than any UK wide party for Scotland.

    This is a Vote or Starve election.

    In Scotland, many voting areas have a greater number of working age benefit claimants than any other voters.
    This includes the Scots’ share of UK’s 1 million aged 60-64 who are on some kind of welfare, including disability.

    More detail on my
    How Socialists win big in 2015
    page on

    There are going to be a huge number of men and women on welfare for life
    having lost all state pension from the flat rate pension coming next year.

    See why, under my petition, in my WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT section, at:


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