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Scottish referendum poll

Everyone can join in with our poll

Scottish referendum - a vote for everyone

Scottish referendum – a vote for everyone



  1. Louise Burns says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaassss. Come on Scotland!!!!

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  2. Marie says:

    Sad Im a Scot living in Canada and I have no vote 😦


    • pat mckay says:

      you should be glad the muppets are trying to kill a country we have no currency agreement end of story get the currency sorted out then asks us to risk everything we built over the last 307 years you foolish idiots if Westminster don’t act on the promise we can deal with that later bearing in mind the have 65 million people looking for a fair society we must vote NO NO NO NO

      Hear is the main problem This one is critical public sector workers police, fire ,doctors, nurse, M P ect ect ect pensions are not funded .

      When 1 police officer retires at 50 on a pension between 30k to 60k on average they potentially may live until they are 110 years old 60 years times 30k total 1.8 million per basic police officer
      at 50 we need to replace that officer with another to do his job ( provide he was needed) logically if you run this for 60 years we could potentially for 1 job have 6 retired officers on approx. 11 million and 1 in the job waiting to retire if you think of the M P that figure would rise to 70k times 50 years 3.5 million each this madness will never stop until the money runs out due to the only people that can change it are the main beneficiary (turkeys don’t vote for Christmas)

      just vote no we need a population mass of 70 million to pay our debts


  3. Jenni says:

    The time has come


  4. Nota Bullyboy says:

    Demographics. A lot of older people are too smart to have a Facebook page where they tell all the burglars they are going on holiday, etc. SO, is this poll truly representative? Eh, dinny hink so…


  5. John Moore says:

    Live in the Canary Islands , so cant vote. but my heart is still in Scotland so YES YES YES


    • pat mckay says:

      you must be mixed up with the heat our maybe you want to come back after the depression buy some properties real cheap hear if yes win but thankful scottish people are real thinkers and yes vote has no chance lucky if they get 30 % vote


  6. Enjoy.mitchell says:

    Being the border county have more in common with the scots but hope that they choose to stay,don’t fancy border controls.


    • Lynda Scott says:

      Ther won’t be border controls


      • Simesy says:

        And you know that how? Immigration is needed at borders with foreign countries. Far too much assumption and presumption going on.


    • pat mckay says:

      border control would be require if the yes vote was successful because scotland would need to introduce 1.2 million immigrants to help pay our pension liability see mr salmonds own post england will be forced to create border controls


  7. Glen Shakespeare says:

    Voting Tartan Tory to escape the Tories. How sad is that?


  8. mertmamba says:

    come on Scotland we can do this our time is coming big fat yes time to leave Westminster and go it alone on our own two feet


  9. YouWillNeverKnowWhoIAm says:

    Vote yes, get rid of the SNP then vote labour… Thats the plan 😀


  10. shirelle kelly says:

    It’s possible to vote more than once in this poll…..that makes for a false result


  11. Philip mcdonald says:

    Yes is the only vote why should we be the Ginnie pigs for Westminster we will try it in Scotland first the poll tax the Bedroom tax the Smoking ban .Must I say more they have Stole seven oil fields from us by moving Scottish waters North to Carnoustie in said of Berwick and staying with the modern day Dick Turpin is good is it no the vote has to be Yes Yes Yes not only for our children but for there children and after that but we do not know what we can do to we try.


    • Simesy says:

      1. Yes Scotland was the guinea pig for the poll tax, that I will concede that.
      2. There’s no such thing as the bedroom tax. What I think you are referring to has been pretty much reversed in English Councils upon appeal (mine was)
      3. The Smoking Ban was a Holyrood decision, I believe. Blame yourselves there.
      4. How can Britain steal oil fields from itself?

      Remember, if everthing goes tits up after 18 months, you can’t revoke your decision. Choose wisely, Padawan.


  12. VoteNOUnionJackForever says:

    Nearly 64,000 Votes and 88 Comments??!! Is this Poll for real?? So there’s over 46,000 Voting YES without a voice….I think NOT….and if it were real, personally, I cannot believe the YES voters want to rip apart the Union….if you do become independent, then good luck, you’re going to need it!


  13. Linda Gillies says:

    yes Yes YES!!!!


  14. Dan Colts says:

    The large “Yes” vote on Facebook which is at odds with larger poles taken indicates that its the younger generations wanting independence. All about that sneaky change allowing 16 year old’s to vote…


  15. Lynda Scott says:

    We Can Do it Come On We’ll always get who we vote for Starting Friday , You are not voting for any party Tomorrow your voting for A NEW SCOTLAND

    with Every Person who has a vote Going to the Polls and Voting Yes


  16. Esther Raynal says:

    It’s now or never, so let’s go folks, I’m doing it for my kids, grand kids to give them something I never got, and that was a say in my future, but had to take crumbs from whatever government was in at Westminster . We have got nothing to lose, so vote yes and then Scotland can say we did it our way.


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