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Stop Cameron giving Peerages to Tory Donors

Stop Tory  donors being given peerages

Stop Tory donors being given peeragesBan Peerages in exchange for cash

Stop Cameron giving out Peerages in exchange for cash. This is how corporations influence Britain.  Sign the petition today:

We’ve had Lord Beecroft bring in proposals to introduce sack-at-will legislation.

We’ve had Lord Hanningfield turning up just to get his £300 attendance allowance then he’s off again under an hour later. He did this many times.

In 2006 Cameron said: “We’ve got to stop this perception that parties can somehow be bought by big donations either from very rich people, or trade unions, or businesses.” – Yet he’s still doing it!!  We have asked what action he took after his speech.

They even brought in legislation in an attempt to block people from creating a petition to stop this process (here is the original version of the petition which was refused. It was only due to some clever rewording that our friend was able to get it accepted (see top).

In fact we’d had so much corruption as a result of cash for peerages we’d better just link to it here.

The expenses bill for the House of Lords has risen by more than £4 million since 2010 when Cameron took office! The Prime Minister has already handed out 161 peerages in this parliament.

Feel free to discuss here (page rules apply)


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