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Scottish independence referendum on 18 Sept 2014 – How will you vote?





  1. mark slater says:

    I’m English but would love to vote yes


    • Bungalow Bill says:

      I’m English (although I realsie that coming from Sunderland barely qualifies me) but I am fortunate enough to live in Scotland so I get to vote on Sep 18th.
      (And it’s YES by the way)


  2. Aynsley says:



  3. Gerard Haughey says:

    I now live in Australia and unable to take part, but would hope it is a resounding YES.


  4. Gareth Davies says:

    I will be voting yes to guarantee change.


  5. D Middleton says:



  6. Graeme Macfarlane says:

    A Yes vote is a vote to allow our Political Parties to focus their policies on benefitting the people of Scotland, and to make sure that our wealth is no longer used to top up a broken economy.


  7. I will be voting yes to ensure the best possible future for future generations of Scots.


  8. The claymore slayer of Longshanks !!! says:

    Mark this is not an anti English vote no matter what you have heard in the press its a vote against Westminster and a vote to take control of our own destiny.


  9. pat says:

    Hell yes !!!


  10. Jean King says:

    Voting YES – it is a no-brainer!


  11. Anthony Hughes says:

    No more Scottish money to this government who do nothing but line there own pockets they don’t give a dam about Scotland


  12. dayetucker2011 says:

    The only way to guarantee change for the better in Scotland and rUK is to vote Yes. Westminster politicians can’t ignore and will have to enact change.


  13. Violet McGurk says:

    Yes is the only way, we need NHS. Our councils are starved of money will only get it with a YES vote. We are a rich country and can afford to be independent


  14. gordon rennie says:

    it is plain that only a yes vote will allow the people of Scotland to govern their own country and their lives as they would like,westminster is no longer the stanchion of democracy it once tried to be,and as long as it has control of all of the uk we will eventually fail completely,there fore a yes vote is the only sensible option


  15. Iain says:

    Alex Salmond knows what’s best for Scotland, once he’s in power things will be sorted out, you’ll see. All the no voters can move down South we’ll be fine without you


  16. We NEED democracy and independence will give us democracy and then we can share it with our friends and relations in the south.


  17. Brian Cowe says:

    Say AYE Citizens of Scotland for the Futures of our Country


  18. Aileen Chalmers says:

    currency can’t be decided till we vote YES. Westminster needs Scotland to keep pound sterling afloat so it is scaremongering tactics. Isle of Man, Jersey have own currency and do well. Scotland needs to think about getting rid of nuclear, bedroom tax, keeping NHS free (unlike England who will be privatised in 5yrs time). At least our govt think of free education unlike Westminster for England n Wales students! Create policies for Scotland’s fisheries. Investment in our country’s future from oil revenue. We will be shafted by Westminster if vote is NO.


  19. Jane scott says:

    Get the message out there. It is Independance we are voting for , NOT Alec Salmond or the SNP And yes, I am voting yes. It is a no brainer !!!!

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  20. Alan kane says:

    I’m yesssssss big time


  21. Rosemary says:

    The only way forward as far as I can see is a big YES, and that is after many hours of reading listening and thinking.


  22. Robett McKnight says:

    I got the ‘Better Together’ leaflet delivered this a.m. giving 5 ‘benefits’ of voting No…
    1. Keep the pound.
    Also true for a Yes vote.
    2.More support for public services.
    Really? Why are they cutting every service now, then?
    3.One Economy, more jobs.
    That would be the EU… Which England want to take UK out of.
    4.Cheaper bills.
    Franchises like Railways and Nuclear energy have already been guaranteed price rises above inflation; Privatising NHS adds the cost of profits to overall costs; PFI contracts continue to be used extensively, massively increasing running costs wherever they are used.
    5.Best of both worlds.


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